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BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council)

BTEC was established in 1983 originally referred to as the Business and Technology Education Council, UK. In 1996, it was merged with the University of London Examination & Assessment Council (ULEAC) and became the largest organization of examination board – Edexcel. Edexcel is the largest certification organization in United Kingdom, and also the only academic exams awarding certificates and vocational education qualifications organization in United Kingdom.

BTEC HND Diploma Level 5 is recognized by 8 local universities and more than 200 overseas universities. HND Diploma Graduates can directly get into the final year of a university degree programme.


BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) 成立於1983年,即英國商業與技術教育委員會。在1996年與160多年歷史的倫敦考試與評估委員會(ULEAC)合併成為英國最大的考試認證機構 Edexcel。Edexcel 是英國最大的頒證機構,同時也是英國唯一的具備頒發學術考試證書和職業技術資格證書的機構。

BTEC 英國國家高級文憑的學歷為本地八大院校及海外數百間大學認可,高級文憑畢業生可直接升讀大學第三年。

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