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Every postgraduate course offered by IAM delivers what we call

 “the IAM difference”

__IAM Heading-1

  • Co-delivery with UK universities
  • Strong HK & UK academic team

IAM Heading-3

  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Convenient, realistic timeframe
  • High levels of face-to-face tuition
  • 24-hour “Moodle” e-Platform

IAM Heading-2

  • High business relevance / application
  • Enhanced salary opportunities (on graduation)
  • Full support to publish international papers (i.e. deepen knowledge, strengthen critical thinking skills and build industry profile, credibility and influence)
  • Instant credibility (graduate qualification awarded from a renowned British university)
  • Exceptional community of alumni Masterminds (with over 1000 distinguished IAM alumni across a diverse range of industry sectors)
  • Unique dIAMond platform for further career opportunities
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